St. Augustine Marina Hotel Policies

The Inn at Camachee Harbor

  • Check in time is from 3pm-8pm Sunday-Thursday, 3pm-9pm Friday & Saturday.
  • Special Arrangements can be made for late arrivals.
  • Check out time is 11am.
  • A fresh breakfast is included for up to 2 guests each morning.
  • There is a $300 cleaning fee for any guests smoking in rooms (smoking is allowed on the private balconies only).
  • Any "incidental" damage charges are the responsibility of the reserved guest.  There could be, but are not limited to, carpet, towel or upholstery stains, holes in walls, furniture or appliance damages, or extra cleaning due to the state of the room was left in.  Charges for incidentals will vary in cost by type of damage.
  • Small pets are allowed in designated rooms with a signed contract.  Please review our Pet Friendly Policy here.

If you have an Inn Gift Certificate or a gift card, please give us a call in order to make a reservation. You will NOT be able to redeem your gift certificate by making a reservation on the website, nor can we guarantee use of the gift certificate if you put down a deposit on a reservation to confirm it without first contacting the Inn.


  • Reservations are guaranteed with a credit card deposit at the time of booking. If you cancel a reservation seven days or more prior to your stay, you will receive a gift certificate of $50 toward a new reservation at the Inn (up to one year), with the remainder of your deposit refunded. Guests who cancel within the seven day time frame will receive a gift certificate in the amount of the initial deposit, which can be used toward a new reservation at the Inn (up to one year later).
  • Natural disasters, acts of God, inclement weather or problems could affect your vacation to St. Augustine. We will do our best to accommodate you should a problem occur, but, we cannot refund any portion of your rent. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR RESERVATION HOLDS THAT UNIT IN YOUR NAME, THEREBY REMOVING IT FROM OUR AVAILABLE INVENTORY.
  • Extended stay rentals (14 days and over) are based on availability, and rates will vary depending on the room and the time of year.  Extended stay rentals will be subject to our vacation rental policies, which will be sent to you when you make the reservation.


Coastal Realty is proud to offer our guests one of the best vacation rental protection policies in the industry. CSA's Travel Insurance can cover you and your vacation investment if and when the unexpected happens.
The policy costs 7.0% of your total room reservation and we recommend you purchase the insurance at the time of booking to ensure the best coverage and protection. In addition to protecting your vacation investment, CSA travel insurance has other advantages including a 24 hour emergency hotline and concierge services plus coverage for emergency medical expenses and transportation. For highlights and the complete details, click below to download more information.


For questions about coverage, call CSA at (866) 999-4018.

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