Must-Know Facts for Turtle Nesting Season in St. Augustine

baby sea turtle hatching on beach

Locals and visitors in St. Augustine from May to October must do their part to help sea turtles! Three species (loggerhead, green, and leatherback) visit northeastern Florida beaches to lay their eggs. A single female can lay up to 100 eggs that incubate for two months before hatching and heading to the ocean.

What to Do When Visiting St. Augustine During Turtle Nesting Season:

Ensure you leave no trace by removing all beach gear and trash you produce during your time at the shore. Be sure to take your beach chairs, blankets, umbrellas, and other items back to your condo before dark, as they can obstruct hatchlings.

Smooth the sand and make it ready for the hatchlings’ journey by filling in any holes and flattening any sandcastles you build. When choosing a spot for your beach day, give ample space to any marked turtle nesting areas you see.

Turn off all artificial lights once night falls. Hatchlings are guided to the ocean by the moon's reflection on the waves, but artificial inland lights can confuse them. Help them head towards safety by eliminating artificial light sources such as exterior lights, closing the blinds or curtains of your Camachee Inn vacation rental, and avoiding the use of flashlights or other artificial lights on the beach.

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