St. Augustine Trip Planning

Start planning your St. Augustine vacation today. Let us help you plan your next family vacation, anniversary, girl's getaway, family reunion, and more. Using our trip planning guides you'll be able to create lasting memories and get to experience the most out of your vacation here. Contact us directly to learn more about our rentals at the Inn at Camachee Harbor, or book directly online, and start planning your Northeast Florida vacation to St. Augustine. 

The Nights of Lights season is soon upon us in beautiful historic St. Augustine! Are you planning a stay at the Inn at Camachee between November 14 to January 31? If so, a boat tour is a memorable way to view the millions of white...Read more
creepy cemetery scene
Does anyone else start getting ready for Halloween the day after Labor Day? While St. Augustine might not have changing leaves, it's a hauntingly good time in the fall. St. Augustine is known as the Oldest City, and with its deep-rooted past, there's some spookiness...Read more
Smaller crowds and lower rates make late summer, early fall an ideal time to visit St. Augustine. That’s the reason it’s known as the easy season! Our off-season rates begin at this time which offer significant savings for your stay and there may possibly be...Read more
Begin your day of exploration with a great meal from one of our favorite locally-owned spots for breakfast in downtown St. Augustine.Read more